Will we make less money because the College will tell us what we can and cannot charge?

If we are regulated, do we still charge GST?

Under the Federal Excise Tax Act, Massage Therapy is a service to which the GST/HST is applied. In order to be exempt, a health profession will be exempt if it is REGULATED in five provinces or territories, or if it is paid for in the health plans of 3 provinces.

Will there still be more than 1 Association?

Legislation does not address if a college has to have an association, or how many associations there can be. You can check the regulated provinces to see what they are doing.

Who will form the college?

Usually the group that applies for regulation forms the College. In Alberta it is anyone’s guess as there are multiple associations. All associations may have to agree (refer to TSC), or the minister could make a ruling directly.

How much will it cost to a part of a College?

You can link to the regulated provincial colleges and associations to see what they charge.

Will everyone have to take an exam?

In the 3 currently registered provinces, all 3 regulatory colleges have their own examinations AFTER students graduate from a recognized school. This is the decision of a College, as an entry to practice exam is not a legislative requirement of regulation.

Will we be recognized as professionals?

Look at the list of currently regulated professions in Alberta.

The newest regulated profession is the College of Naturopathic Doctors

Will we be able to work anywhere in Canada?

There are documents in place to facilitate this, but it is not a direct result of regulation: The Agreement on Internal Trade is a federal initiative to establish labor mobility across Canada. In order to accomplish this with regard to massage, a mechanism was established to compare common training practices in the 3 currently regulated provinces.

The Canadian Council of Massage Therapy Schools (CCMTS) has accepted the competency document and is recommending that all massage schools in Canada use it as a guideline. This is not legislated.

The Canadian Massage Therapist Alliance (CMTA) also endorses use of this document. In non-regulated provinces some schools claim to teach by this document. If this were the case their graduates would automatically be recognized by the regulated provinces. We do not know of any instance where graduates of non-regulated colleges are automatically accepted for membership in regulated provinces without required additional training.

Will all schools teach the same thing?

Most provinces have legislation under Education regarding the licensing of massage schools. Regulated colleges usually recognize diplomas from any licensed school, but require their own set of examinations as well. The only way that all schools will teach the same thing is if the conditions set out in the preceding item are met. This is not a requirement of provincial regulation.

Will I have to go back to school to upgrade my education?

The rules of who gets into a newly formed college, what the educational requirements are, and if there is any “grandfathering” is strictly up to the college to decide.

"While registration of health professionals will be mandatory, this does not mean that only regulated health professionals will be able to provide health services. Regulated professions do not own their scopes of practice. Those who are not members of regulated health professions may provide health services unless the services are included in the list of restricted activities." ~ Health Professions Act, A new law for regulated health care professionals; pg. 12

In addition, there are Massage Associations that exist in Canada and that operate in both regulated and non-regulated provinces. What is controlled is what they are able to call themselves, and the degree of reimbursement provided by extended health care plans.

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