Continuing Education Requirements

The goal of Continuing Education is to promote involvement in our association as well as the development of skills and personal growth of our members.

Mandatory Items:

All Full members of the RMTA are required to:

  • attend at least one Annual General Meeting (AGM) every 3 year cycle: 3 credits per meeting
    • failure to attend one AGM every 3 year cycle will result in a $250 fee. Please below for more information.
  • maintain certification in Standard First Aid and Level C CPR. Online courses are not acceptable
  • complete 25 Continuing Education Credits per 3 year cycle
  • submit a Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check upon expiry every 3 years. Online checks are not acceptable

Failure to meet each of these 4 requirements will result in automatic cancellation of membership.

Submission Cycle

The current 3 year period is from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2021. This period is the same for all members. Submission deadline for this cycle is January 15, 2022. All members are responsible for maintaining credits in good standing and for submitting proof of same within the required timeline.

Any credits accumulated in the current term in excess of the 25 required may be carried forward into the next term to a maximum of 12 credits. 

The RMTA requires a basic level of training in massage of 2200 hours or more as a prerequisite for membership, this training or part thereof cannot be used for CE credits.

The required CE credits are prorated depending on your effective date for becoming a Full member:
       Membership Effective Date                       Credits Required                      Attend at least 1 AGM by
                                                                                                                                 December 31/21
       Prior to January 1, 2019                                       25                                              Required
      January 1/19- December 31/19                             25                                              Required
      January 1/20- December 31/20                             17                                              Required
      January 1/21- March 31/21                                     9                                            Not Required
      April 1/21- December 31/21                                    6                                            Not Required

Credit Guidelines

Primary Continuing Education Credits: Approved course in a recognized massage modality with a hands-on client approach. This training must be taken in person.

  • 1 credit per hour for the first day to a max of 8 CEC. 1 credit per hour to a max of 4 CEC for each following day to a max of 24 CEC per course

Secondary Continuing Education Credits: Approved course in a recognized massage modality related to self-care, client-care and/or professional development that does not have a hands-on client approach. This training must be taken in person.

  • 1 credit per 2 hours to a maximum of 6 credits per course

Online/ Distance Learning Continuing Education Credits: Approved course in massage taken via distance learning, online or home studies. Any primary related modalities will require prior hands on/ in class training before being added as a recognized modality.

  • 1 credit per 2 hours to a maximum of 3 credits per course to a MAXIMUM of 6 credits per CEC 3 year cycle

Personal Interest Training Credits: A course that enhances overall health and balance to the massage therapist and clients.

  • 1 credit per course regardless of hours to a maximum of 3 credits per 3 year cycle

Standard First Aid and Level C CPR Training Mandatory- Online courses are NOT acceptable.

  • 6 credits for certification and subsequent renewals.

Other available CE credits:

  • RMTA Board or Committee participation: 6 credits per year of participation
  • Volunteering on behalf of RMTA: 3 credits per event (minimum of 6 hours)
  • Volunteering to promote the industry (providing massages): 3 credits per event (min 6 hours; max 6 credits per 3 year cycle)
  • Annual General Meeting Attendance: 3 credits per member (does not apply to board/committee members)
    • AGM Attendance and Fee-in-lieu of AGM Attendance
      a. All Full members shall be required to attend at least one (1) Annual General Meeting (AGM)
      in a three-year period running co-current with the CEC Cycle OR to pay a fee in-lieu of AGM
      attendance, in accordance with the Remedial Massage Therapists Associations Fee Schedule
      (IN-LIEU AGM ABSENCE FEE). This fee shall be charged to all Full members who do not
      attend as outlined above, by the Association, following the final AGM in the three-year cycle.
      The fee shall be due the final Dec 31 of the three-year cycle. The cost of this fee shall be set
      by the board at the beginning of each three-year CEC cycle and shall be listed in the
      Remedial Massage Therapists Associations Fee Schedule.
  • Teaching and Teaching Assistant- Credits Vary
  • Workshop Assistant: Credits Vary
  • Research Protocol: Maximum 15 credits per 3 year cycle

Submission Guidelines

In order to process your credits quickly and efficiently, please ensure that you have included the following information with your certificate submission:

  • Course/ workshop name is clearly visible
  • Dates of the course/ workshop are listed
  • Length of course/ workshop in hours is clearly stated
  • Name/ contact information of the instructor is provided
  • Your name and RMTA membership number

In order to be approved all courses must have a certificate of attendance or completion.
Courses may be taken in person, distance learning, online or correspondence.
Full contact information must be provided for all courses.
All submissions, course outlines, certificates, etc. must be in English or translated into English for the committee to review.
All unrecognized courses are subject to review by the education committee. If found to be unacceptable, no credits will be awarded.
The Education Committee may, at its discretion, confirm the authenticity of any submission.

Failure to Comply

Failure to comply with the CE credit requirements will result in the following:

  1. An email will be sent to the Member's last known address.
  2. The member will have 30 days from the time the email is sent to resolve the situation to the satisfaction of the Education Committee.
  3. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of membership. Memberships cannot be reinstated. A new membership application will be required.

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