Frequently Asked Questions

What fees are associated with becoming a Student member?

The Student membership is complimentary; however, if you require insurance to perform your practicum, the insurance fee is $100. 

After I graduate from first year how do I upgrade to an Associate member?

Once you have completed first year the RMTA requires the following documents on file:

1. Certificate
2. First year transcripts

You have 60 days from your last day of classes to submit the documents.


What makes the RMTA unique?

RMTA solely represents Massage Therapists and supports the standard of 2200 hours of formal education. There are no entry to practice or equivalency exams to be written when becoming a member. Our fees are affordable as we operate with low overhead costs. We are a nation wide association and our members have the freedom to practice anywhere in Canada. We currently have members practicing in AB, SK, BC, ON, QB, MB, and YK. Although, when practicing in regulated provinces, RMTA members are required to adhere to that province's massage therapy legislation.
We are open regular business hours to answer your email and phone questions as quickly as possible. Our diligent staff prides themselves in our record application processing time of 45 minutes.

What is the difference between a Student, Associate, and Full member?

A Student member is someone who is currently enrolled in their first year. An Associate member is someone who has completed first year and is continuing their education to obtain a minimum of a 2200 hour diploma. A Full member has completed a 2200 hour program AND submitted all necessary documentation to the RMTA proving so.

As an Associate member, how come my claims are not covered by third party insurance companies?

As an Associate member, some third party billers do not recognize you as an eligible provider, however some do. You may experience some clients’ claims being accepted while others are rejected. As of October 2012 the big player insurance companies Alberta Blue Cross (ABC), Sunlife, and Manulife began requiring a minimum of 2200 hours of education in order to cover massage benefit claims. 

It is your responsibility to inform your clients that although you are registered and approved to work, the above three insurance companies will not cover you.

After I graduate from second year how do I upgrade to a Full member?

Once you have graduated the RMTA requires the following documents on file:

1. Standard First Aid and Level C CPR
2. Diploma
3. Transcripts

You have 60 days from your last day of classes to submit the documents. Once these documents are received, you will be upgraded to having Full membership status. The insurance companies will be notified that you are now an eligible practitioner and you will have full billing rights.

How do I upgrade when I will not receive my official documents until Convocation?

It is recognized that some schools hold their convocation some months after your last day of classes. In these cases, your diploma and transcripts can temporarily be replaced by a completion letter from your school confirming that you did in fact attend and complete your second year. Once you have received your diploma and official transcripts, please forward them to the RMTA asap.


When are Association and Insurance fees due every year?

The $250 payment to RMTA is due by October 31. The $100 insurance fee to Dusyk & Barlow is due by December 31.

What fees are associated with becoming a member?

There is an annual membership fee of $ 250, and the cost of annual liability and malpractice insurance of $ 100. If you become a member in the middle of the year, your fees will be prorated. Please refer to the tables for prorated rates. 

Membership Fee Payment Schedule
Jan, Feb, Mar $ 250
Apr, May, Jun $ 187.50
Jul, Aug, Sep $ 125
*Oct, Nov, Dec
*Fees for the following year must be paid at the same time
$ 67.50 + $ 250 = $ 317.50


Insurance Pro-Rate Schedule
January $ 100
February $ 92
March $ 84
April $ 75
May $ 67
June $ 59
July $ 50
August $ 42
September $ 34
October $ 25
November $ 25
December $ 25

Why do I need to obtain insurance?

Follow this link.


How do I find out how many continuing education credits (CEC’s) a course is worth?

You can refer to the “Credit Guidelines” on the website, fill out a Continuing Competency Course Evaluation Request and submit it, or send a website link by email as the course you are interested in may have been previously approved. If the course has not been approved, we will direct you to the Evaluation Request Form. 


How many CEC's do I currently have?

After submission and evaluation of a continuing education certificate, the appropriate CECs will be updated on your Member Profile. 

What is the three year submission cycle?

The current 3 year period is from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2018. This period is the same for all members. The submission deadline for continuing education credits and attendance at an annual general meeting (AGM) is January 15, 2019. All members are responsible for maintaining credits and for submitting proof of same within the required timeline. The courses must have been taken within the current submission cycle. For example courses taken in the year 2015 or prior would not count for credits. The required CE credits are prorated depending on your effective date for becoming a Full member:

Membership Effective Date Credits Required Attend at least 1 AGM by Dec 31/15
Prior to January 1, 2016 25 Required
January 1/16- December 31/16 25 Required
January 1/17- December 31/17 17 Required
January 1/18- March 31/18 9 Not Required
April 1/18- December 31/18 6 Not Required

Which First Aid and CPR does RMTA require me to take for active membership?

Standard First Aid and Level C CPR are the minimum requirements. More advanced courses are acceptable. It is highly recommended that you take these courses through Canadian Red Cross or St. John's Ambulance. Online courses are NOT acceptable

How do I log in to my online profile?

On the RMTA website homepage, there is a blue box in the top, right hand corner of the screen that says “Member Login.” When you first applied with the RMTA, a username and password would have been sent to the email address you had provided. If you have forgotten your password or user name, click on one of the “Forgot” buttons to retrieve your log in information. If this fails, you will need to contact us to reset your password. 

How do I update my contact information with the RMTA?

By logging in to your Member Profile and editing your information. There are fields that you will not be able to access that only the RMTA can see. Be sure to click “Save” when you are done. The modalities that you specialize in are only reflected if you have sent in a certificate of completion for the corresponding course. 

What takes place at an AGM?

The AGM is a meeting place where members can come and network, meet the board members including the President, and have their voice heard. The general discussions revolve around any changes to policy or bylaws within the association, and the projection of where the RMTA is headed. Do not forget that it is mandatory to attend at least one meeting every three year cycle. You will receive 3 credits per meeting that you attend. Failure to attend one AGM every 3 year cycle will result in a $250 fine. The member shall then attend the next scheduled AGM in addition to the membership requirements of their three year cycle.

Who can attend the AGM's?

Members only.

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