microMoves On-Line or Live & Life Anatomy On-Line
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Event date: Jan 22- 2017 to Jan 22- 2018 
Information: www.micromoves.com   

You the RMT, Relaxed Massage Therapist will learn microMoves for maximum mobility for clients & self!
microMoves improve:

  • posture
  • productivity
  • prevent injury

Course includes practical ergonomics, aerobic, balance, core strength & nutrition tips. Bonus: assessments, passive /active release (Dr. Feldenkrais Method), new trigger point techniques & face massage.



Level 1: microMoves- the basics Travelercise online (same content as microMoves pocket guide) + certificate
1 CE credit

Level 1 & 2 combined: microMoves for RSI online (25 more microMoves, INCLUDES TRAVELERCISE) related web links + 8 pages of bonus content + certificate
2 CE credits

microMoves- the basics Pocket guide (same content as Travelercise) / Desk guide (selected moves from pocket guide) + certificate
1 CE credit

LIFE ANATOMY it's FUNctional online video/DVD & manual + bonus content + certificate
2 CE credits $49.00

LIFE ANATOMY online video/ DVD ONLY + bonus content + certificate
1 CE credit

1 CE credit

MicroMoves in class
12 CE credits.
Tuition: $350.00 

Includes desk guide
Runs the last weekend of each month:
Friday night 6:00 to 9:30
Saturday 10:00 to 2:30

Sunday 10:00 to 2:30

Registration closes one week before the end of the month

Contact: Sherry Ogg RMT GCFP BGS
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Instructor: Sherry Ogg, RMT, BGS, GCFP

St. Andrew's Centre 12720--111 Ave T5M 3X3
Parking on West Side of building.
Edmonton AB





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On-line & On-site


Edmonton, AB


Sherry Ogg & Jacquie Ogg


Jade Stone Massage Workshop

healing jade

Jade Stone Massage Workshop

April 1-2 Saskatoon
April 3-4 Edmonton
April 5-6 Grande Prairie
April 8-9 Calgary
April 22-23 Vancouver

Participants learn over two days all aspects of Jade Stone Massage.

Therapists will be able to confidently incorporate this modality into their practice.The following areas are covered in detail:

• Tools Required
• Historical use of Jade in Massage
• Attributes of Jade
• Types of stones used and there properties
• Benefits of stone massage
• Alternating temperatures in treatment
• Contraindications and considerations
• Temperature control
• Working with the Stones
• Sterilization, care and storage
• Treatment with clothing on
• Full body jade massage. You will learn how to incorporate Jade into therapeutic and relaxation massage, working in alternating temperatures, working deep with less effort and more comfort for the client.

The two day workshop is designed that you the therapist has a solid knowledge working with a set of only twenty functionally-designed stones in many applications to confidently incorporate your knowledge and skills into a jade treatment.

Workshop cost $595. Includes your set of 20 massage stones
Tel: 1-250-539-3010
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hot Stone Therapy



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Shelley Killeen


Cupping Therapy Certification Courses Winter 2017 (Western Canada)


Contemporary Cupping Methods

Advanced Cupping Techniques

Facial Rejuvenation


12 RMTA Credits

12 RMTA Credits

8 RMTA Credits

Edmonton Apr 29 -May 1/17 6-7 May, 2017 5 May, 2017
Calgary 26-28 May, 2017 3-4 Jun, 2017 2 Jun, 2017
Winnipeg 26-28 Aug, 2017    

Tuition Information (all prices in $US)

$550/$495 30-day early registration
Groups 4+ $450ea
8+ $400 ea
 $435/$390 30-day early registration (incl. 1 set ea. Belletazze and EarthSpa Bells)
$365/$330 30-day early registration

*Approved CEU credits with MTAA, MTAM, RMTA, NHPC

For Registration/Course outline see www.cuppingtherapy.org or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

herb logo

(CCM takes Cupping Therapy into mainstream manual soft tissue therapy!)
Earn your certification in Cupping Therapy(CCT). Negative Pressure, rather than compression, is superior bodywork for Myofascial Release to Deep Tissue work to Vascular Flow... and everything in between! Learn 6 different Cupping Sets for Massage and 22 treatments in 3 days ~ Sports & Orthopedic protocols ~ Cellulite ~ Reflexology ~ Biomagnetics ~ Abdominals ~ Facial Rejuvenation ~ Detoxification. Military/student bonus. Early registration discounts, ICTA Membership. (A Comprehensive 80-page manual is included in the tuition and all required cupping equipment is provided for workshop use - your own personal sets of equipment and a 2-DVD set of all treatments will be available for you to purchase at the workshop)

You have learned the basics and practiced Cupping on clients for 6 months! Now you are prepared to learn 24 new protocols for soft tissue treatments for the foot, leg, thigh, hip, trunk, back, chest, face and neck. This workshop is 85% hands-on and builds on the learnings of the CCM course. (Tuition includes a 40-page manual showing step-by-step treatments.  You are required to bring your own cups - additional cups are available for purchase at the course).

The Facial Cupping protocol weaves together contrasting thermotherapy, facial and neck muscle decompression, TMJ and sinus release, vascular flow, and dermal scar rehabilitation using proprietary cups. (Tuition includes: 1 set ea Belletazze and EarthSpa Bell cups; facial stines and a comprehensive 48-page manual)

ICTA Educator for Western Canada... Herb Longworth is a member of the Alberta Remedial Massage Therapists Association (RMTA) & Canadian Sports Massage Therapists Association (CSMTA). He holds a Master's Degree in Science from U of A, a massage therapy diploma & certifications in: advanced cupping therapy, national sports coaching (NCCP), Reiki Master/Teacher and Professional Fitness Trainer. Herb is vice-president of the CSMTA (Alberta branch) and is based in Calgary, AB.

Suction Cupping


12, 12, 8

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Herb Longworth


Seminars for Health


We design courses based on Massage Therapists needs

Seminars for Health provides over 70 quality courses per year with a diverse offering that meet all RMT’s needs. Courses are held in Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Florida and soon Saskatoon.

Massage Therapy Students receive a 20% discount off courses
(except Cadaver Lab & First Aid

Please visit our website www.seminarsforhealth.ca for a complete list of our courses, including prices, location, credits and course dates.

Join us, your clients WILL feel the difference.

Types of courses we teach:

  •        Orthopedic Massage (OM)
  •        Dynamic Cupping
  •        Shiatsu
  •        Myofascial
  •        Holistic Nutrition
  •        Cadaver Lab
  •        Standard First Aid
  •        TMJ
  •        Assessment
  •        Whiplash
  •        Pregnancy and Postnatal
  •        Self Care
  •        Palpation

NEW: Seminars for Health is coming to Grande Prairie

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage - Feb 25-26, 2017

Advanced OM Certification

Advanced OM (Orthopedic Massage) of the Anterior Neck - April 22, 2017

Advanced OM (Orthopedic Massage) of the Posterior Neck - April 22, 2017

Advanced OM of the Chest and Anterior Shoulder - April 23, 2017

Advanced OM (Orthopedic Massage) of the Rotator Cuff April 23, 2017

More Advanced OM coming to Grande Prairie November 2017

Calgary & Edmonton: we have over 70 courses offered. Visit www.seminarsforhealth.ca for details.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Seminars for Health.

Contact Information:
Email: info@seminarsforhealth.ca
Phone: 403-607-9389

Therapeutic Massage



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Calgary/ Edmonton




Oceans Massage - 2017/2018 Courses

SAVE YOUR HANDS! Injury Prevention (2 Days)
Learn injury prevention, working with tools, hands on techniques to save your hands, joints and body and much more in this certificate class. Tired at the end of the day? Want to work more hours or earn more? Learn to work with 30% less effort, prolong your career in this evidence based class with theory and hands on practice. Get effective release without strain to your body. Instructor: CIPI certified Trainer, Certified Injury Prevention Instructor with SAVE YOUR HANDS! US program first of its kind in Canada based on the book. Joni Brestler, RMT, CIPI with SAVE YOUR HANDS!
2 day class - 9am-5pm
12 RMTA Credits, NHPC 10 ceu's, MTAS 14 primary credits
EDMONTON - June 3-4, 2017 at Pura Vida
Cost: $420 includes a free tool, manual & discount on "Save Your Hands" book.

Hot Stone Massage Deep Tissue - (2 levels)
Therapeutic style to combine with massage. Get the best techniques, earn more, work less! Save on hands with effective deep tissue release, cut your work load in half and prolong your career. Muscle stripping, cross fiber, target all muscle groups full body prone and supine, spa style and more. While many schools focus on spa style only, this focuses on deep tissue and therapeutic style hot stone techniques. Earn your tuition back with your practicums! Instructor: Joni Brestler RMT, CIPI 15 years experience 2 day class - 30 Hour certificate 8am-6:30pm Cost: $575
12 RMTA Credits, NHPC 15 domain ceu's, MTAS 28 primary credits
LETHBRIDGE - Mar 4-5 at Lethbridge Lodge
SASKATOON - May 20-21 & Nov 11-13 at PIMT
CALGARY - May 6-7 & Nov 4-5 at Sandman Hotel
EDMONTON - Oct 14-15

Advanced Stone - (2 Levels) 25 hour certificate class
Learn Hot & Cold Stone and Advanced Techniques including targeting specialized issues including TMJD, sinus drainage, Full Body Nerve Sedation, Full Body Lymphatic Drainage, Tendonitis, Carpal Tunnel, inflammation and pain, face work, Stone Reflexology, alternate flushing, neck work, ear acupressure points with stones. A must have! Earn tuition back with self directed practicums. Research shows cold slows nerve firing, more effective than ibuprofen and acetaminophen with longer lasting results! Cold shocks the muscle from holding patterns. 2 day class from 9am-5:30pm
Pre-requisite: Hot Stone certification. 
Cost: $575. $100 deposit required, visa and mc accepted.
12 RMTA Credits, NHPC 15 ceu's, MTAS 20 ceu's 
EDMONTON - Apr 1-2, 2017 at Travelodge West Edmonton                 

Muscle Fascia Cupping (2 Days)
Learn to use moving vacuum cups using negative pressure with a pressurized gun and plastic cups to treat and restructure the fascia. A great addition to massage, with minimal impact on the therapist and less pain for the client! The cups using negative pressure stretch soft tissues, removes adhesions, aids hydration and restructures the fascia. Fascia theory, application and full body techniques prone and supine, safety concerns, indications and contraindications and more, follows fascia lines and planes. Add to massage or used as a stand-alone treatment. A must have in a therapist's tool kit, many long standing issues are fascia related.
12 RMTA Credits, NHPC 10 ceu's, MTAS 14 primary credits
2 day class - 9am-5pm Cost: $420 includes manual, certificate
SASKATOON - Feb 18-19 & Oct 21-22 at PIMT College
REGINA - Apr 29-30 at Western College
CALGARY - May 27-28 & Nov 18-19 at Sandman Hotel

Working with Essential Oils! 10 oils, blends and Raindrop Therapy
Learn to work with single oils, blends, Vita Flex safe stimulation of reflex points and Raindrop Therapy. Works on all systems - circulatory, muscular, reduce pain, aid inflammation, immune, skeletal, digestive & more. 3 hours theory, hands on, 30 page manual that includes medical aromatherapy, nerve chart, frequency of oils, effects on glands, tissues & organs with amazing results. Certificate class. Bring a friend and get 2 FREE bottles of oil!
3 RMTA Credits, NHPC 5 ceu's
1 day certificate class - Cost: $295
EDMONTON - Mar 31, June 2, & Oct 13 at Travelodge West
CALGARY - May 13 & Dec 2 at Sandman Hotel         
SASKATOON - May 19 & Nov 10 at PIMT 

Rattan Massage Class
Learn to work with bamboo-rattan sticks. Full body style (uses all shapes) and Thai style using fewer sticks and more massage. Use leverage, do deep tissue, myofascia release, do regional work. Warm /cool or room temperature bamboo. Effective release while saving your hands! Also adapt to use in seated massage or over a sheet. One of a kind therapy!
Cost: $420+gst.
REGISTRATION: 1-403-891-4822 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. NHPC 10 ccps, RMTA 12 ceus ad MTAS 14 ceu's
Scheduled dates: 
EDMONTON - April 22-23, 2017
CALGARY - June 10-11, 2017
SASKATOON -  Sep 2-3, 2017
REGINA -  Oct 28-29, 2017 
LETHBRIDGE -  Nov 25-26, 2017


Registration:  Instructor:  Joni Brestler, RMT, CIPI
SAVE YOUR HANDS! Certified Injury Prevention Instructor




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Joni Brestler



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